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Like in many countries in Europe, the population in Bulgaria is characterized with significant ethno-cultural variety. This situation is a big challenge for the modern school and also for our kindergarden. We implemented it in all of the activities by:

  • introduction of all children in the group with the traditions and customs of their own culture - Bulgarian and ethno-turkish; (we have Bulgarians and children from turkish ethnos);
  • introduction to Bulgarian traditions and customs;
  • introducing the children to elements of the ethno-culture of the partners - Spanish, Italy, Greece, Poland and some of their sight-seeing, accordingly the age.

Completed observations and analysis of the activities give us a reason to make the following conclusions: Knowing the culture of the others and their own in this age:

  • create feelings of respect toward nationalitis and ethnoses;
  • it reflects on the behaviour of the children and it is a model of manners, which stimulized the communications;
  • create possibility for understanding, that the human moral values are one and the same for all nationalities and ethnoses and they must consolidate us;
  • form feeling of pride and respect toward own culture and this of the other; Accepting the differences;
  • develops ethno and culture knowledgeable;
  • create conditions of social integration.

For children with educational difficulties is made programme for individual work from logoped, psychologist, teacher, principal. When it is necessary it must be made
consultation with doctor-neurologist. This create conditions for:

  • full scale of social integration;
  • development of children;
  • realisation of additional education instruments and individual way for the children with problems in speech and educational difficulties, helps their individual development and better integration in the group and in school later.

For better integration and socialization of children it is necessary the parents to be involed in the education process and in the life of the kindergarden. There were trainings, organized by the pedagogical counselor about the following problems:

  • “ Psyhologist aspects of health education of our children”;
  • “ Children with rights today ;responsible adults tomorrow”;
  • “ The readiness of children for school –measurements and challenges.”;

Participated in organising of education in additional activities of school curiculum:

  • early foreign language education;rithmic gymnastic;
  • football,theatralical productions;
  • organising of different children activities – concerts, celebrating of folklore holidays;
  • ensure didactic appliances and looking for the material base;
  • participation in the meetings with the partners.

The participation of parents in the educational process creates conditions for united way in the education and increase the effect of this process.

Bulgarian Culture and traditions
Multicilturalism and integration

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